A & G Solutions Ltd is a registered company based in Birmingham that offers Students Consultancy and Tutoring services. The Director, Mrs. Razia Gul Afridi has the expertise in the educational sector and has almost Twelve (12) Years of teaching experience at different levels. She is holding two Master degrees in English Literature and in International Education (Birmingham City University, UK) and then teaching and consulting students at different levels both in Pakistan and in UK.
The student Consultancy mainly deals in facilitating students in their endeavours which includes from guiding in the preparation of their resumes, to the right directions for career growth and job hunt. With the growing realization of the importance of education, the role of the tutor can never be denied. The most important division of the company takes care of the students, giving them extra help in both formal and informal education. We also refer students to different firms for their admission in higher courses.
Although being new in the competitive market, A & G Solutions Ltd tends to follow a "Blue Ocean Strategy" and will make its own niche and will develop long term relationships by providing such quality services which are not offered by others in the market.
In the years to come, A & G Solutions Ltd will be in a position to become a leading Student Consultancy & tutoring services where the customers will be satisfied through its quality services.


“To become a leading Tutoring and Students’ Consultancy Firm through quality service making all its customers satisfied through a team which will be technically competent”


A & G Solutions Ltd will become the first choice for tutoring and student consultancy for its customers.


We offer the following services to our customers

Why Choose us

Masters Degree holders

DBS checked

Carefully Prepared lessons

Regular Feedback and Homework provided

We Offer

  • Every Saturday 2 hours session at only £15
  • Experienced Teachers offer specialised Tuition Classes for
  • Key Stage 1-Literacy & Numeracy
  • Key Stage 2-Booster classes for Literacy
  • Key Stage 3 & 4 English Language and Literature
  • Grammar School Preparation (e.g Verbal reasoning,non-verbal reasoning etc)
  • Urdu Language Classes
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